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回复了 xuminzhong 创建的主题 生活 人生无常啊,第一次面对朋友的离开
So sorry 😔
<em><strong>how about this? you stupid website</strong></em>
😩 原来回复都没 markdown... so much so for the "创意工作者们的社区"。。。
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回复了 zjplab 创建的主题 职场话题 荷兰 Job Seeking Visa 申请组队?
Orientation visa for highly educated persons

In the past three years:

completed an accredited bachelor's or master's programme in the Netherlands; or
completed a postgraduate studies of at least an academic year (a minimum of 10 months) in the Netherlands; or
completed a study in the Netherlands in the context of the Cultural Policy Act; or
completed a study in the Netherlands that is provided in relation to the development cooperation policy of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs; or
obtained a master's degree in the context of an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course; or
completed a higher education programme designated by Ministerial Decree; or
done scientific research at any time. For this, you have had a residence permit in the Netherlands for the purpose of scientific research within the meaning of EU Directive 2005/71/EC, research within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2016/801, or as a highly skilled migrant to undertake scientific research; or
You have completed a Master’s degree programme, a doctoral programme or a post-Master's programme at a designated international educational institution* abroad and you have:
Achieved a minimum score of 6.0 for the International English Language Testing System, or
Achieved a comparable minimum score in an English language test in accordance with the Code of Conduct for international students in Dutch higher education, or
Acquired a diploma, certificate or document as meant in Article 2.3, (1) of the Civic Integration Decree (only in Dutch), or
Completed a Master or post-doctoral programme in the English language or in Dutch.
@HolmLoh 大哥, 可以天河区再具体一丢丢吗。。为了避免隐私问题,我说著名地点吧。


...说是天河区... 也想不出几个了😅但是感觉要去准备准备才行,
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